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About Nissan GT-R

As one of the most capable cars for the money, Nissan GT-R has been built by the outstanding Japanese multinational automobile manufactured Nissan Motor Company Ltd since 2007 as a sports car (S). Originally introduced to take the place of Nissan Skyline GT-R, GT-R is Nissan's flagship sports car and slots above two-seat Nissan 370Z coupe and Nissan 370Z Roadster. It is a powerful car that also does well in racing and has won the 2010 RAC Tourist Trophy at Silverstone Circuit and won Drivers Championship for the 2011 season. What's more, GT-R has received tons of awards and recognition such as Top Gear Awards - Sports Car of the Year, Autocar - Drivers Car of the Year and so on. Now, it is still in its first generation.
Nissan GT-R made its debut at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show and went on sale on July 7, 2008, in the United States. GT-R was offered in only one body style, a 2-door 2+2 high-performance coupe and it came in four trim levels: Premium, Black Edition, Track Edition and Nismo. Equipped with standard 20-inch wheels, Brembo brakes, an electronically adjustable suspension, leather/faux-suede upholstery, heated power-adjustable front seats, keyless ignition/entry and an 11-speaker Bose audio system with satellite radio, iPod connectivity and Bluetooth phone and streaming audio, GT-R is powered by a 3.8 L twin-turbocharged V6, which sends 545 horsepower and 463 lb-ft of torque. And this engine sends power through a 6-speed dual clutch automatic transmission to all wheels.

Nissan GT-R Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

With power output and handling dynamics rivaling the world's best, Nissan GT-R remains a genuine high-performance bargain that you never want to miss. But as a wise GT-R owner, you will always know the significance of learning about these common problems on it:
First, for Nissan GT-R drivers, engine failure still ranks first among other problems with the vehicle. The worse situation is once the cooling system also fails, the engine just fails more quickly and seriously. But some GT-R owners with knowledge background about working principle of automobiles provide some recognizable and practical symptoms of this issue for your reference. This issue often starts with strange metallic sounds from the engine, visible signs of oil and coolant leakage, smoke from the engine bay and burnt oil smell in the compartment; then it evolves in engine performing roughly, misfiring, stalling and even suffering from starting issues; you will also notice the vehicle hesitates when acceleration, consumes excessive oil and activates the Check Engine Light and Low Coolant Light. Please always keep the GT-R oil filter, camshaft seal, air filter, intake manifold gasket, exhaust manifold gasket, spark plug, body control module, drive belt, serpentine belt, throttle body gasket, and timing chain guide in good order.
Second, under power, it sounds like constant rattling is what Nissan GT-R drivers complained second most about the vehicle. It is believed to be a transmission failure since it also brings about shuddering or side-to-side shaking during acceleration, difficulty shifting gears, the indicator not matching the gear, vehicle starting in another gear or refusing to go into gear, transmission slippage and surging as well as transmission fluids leakage. Some experienced GT-R repairmen told that the GT-R CV joint, motor and transmission mount, CV boot, transfer case seal, transmission assembly, automatic transmission filter and shift cable are very vulnerable in the transmission system.
In order to enjoy only pleasure brought by your Nissan GT-R, you need to make sure every part of it performs perfectly. But in fact, some parts on your GT-R just could not last as long as the vehicle could due to all kinds of reasons. You are advised to put GT-R electrical parts such as oxygen sensors, ignition lock assembly, crankshaft position sensor and camshaft position sensor and vital parts including seat belt, wiper blade, washer reservoir, emblem, headlight cover and cabin air filter on routine maintenance list.
Choosing OEM Nissan GT-R auto parts as parts replacements for your Nissan GT-R is also acknowledged as an effective way to lengthen your vehicle's lifespan. Not to mention that NissanPartsPrime.com covers enormous lowest-priced manufacture-warrantied genuine Nissan GT-R auto parts. These OEM GT-R parts are guaranteed to be of high quality, reliability and durability and they are also allowed to be returned without a hassle if you have any dissatisfaction with them after receiving them at the fastest delivery speed.