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About Nissan Axxess

Being known for its astoundingly short history in the United States, Nissan Axxess was built by the outstanding Japanese multinational automobile manufactured Nissan Motor Company Ltd between 1988 and 1989 as a compact Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV). Originally introduced as the renamed version of the second-generation Nissan Prairie, Axxess was actually sold through only 1990 concluding that the American market simply was not ready for it. And after being manufactured for only one year, the production of Axxess was discontinued due to sluggish sales and confused reviews and it was replaced by the Nissan Quest.
Nissan Axxess made its debut in September 1988 in North America for the 1990 model year. It was offered in only one body style, 5-door minivan, which looked like a tall station wagon, with a standard straight rear gate. Built based on the larger Nissan Bluebird platform rather than the smaller Nissan Sunny, Axxess featured a reinstated B-pillar and a more conventional coil setup that prevented the rear seats from reclining as well as motorized automatic seatbelts. During its lifetime, Axxess came in two trim levels: XE and SE and it was powered by a 2.4 L inline 4-cylinder engine rated at 138 horsepower. This engine sent power through either 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission to the front wheels or all wheels.

Nissan Axxess Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

No matter how tough it was built, Nissan Axxess now is at least twenty-seven years old, which is not a young age for an item made of steel. Therefore, if these common problems appear on your Axxess, it is never a strange thing:
First, shared by many Nissan models, Nissan Axxess also suffers from the terrible transmission failure, which could lead to drivability problem. In fact, the seriousness of this issue often lies in the misunderstanding of what fatal consequences it could bring as most Axxess owners have not enough knowledge about working principle of automobiles. Therefore, you need to bear these typical symptoms of this issue in your mind. Normally, at first, there will be grinding or rattling noises from underneath the vehicle to remind you of something wrong; then you may find leaking transmission fluids on the ground and see the indicator not matching the gear; gradually, you will notice the difficulty in shifting gears and the vehicle also starts in another gear or refuses to go into any gear. All these could be attributed to the Axxess transfer case seal, shift fork, automatic transmission filter, automatic transmission shifter, transmission assembly and shift cable.
Second, for an old model like Nissan Axxess, its suspension system must have been exposed to harsh working conditions for a long time, and suspension failure on it is a common problem for Axxess owners. In fact, many drivers know that this problem could result in uncomfortable and unsteady driving experience, what they do not realize is that it is also the culprit of some fatal car accidents. Maybe you only find clunking or grinding sounds from beneath the vehicle to distract your attention, but if left unattended, the tire wear will become uneven and excessive, the vehicle tends to tilt to one side. Finally, you will find hard to control the vehicle due to intense car vibration, unintentional steering and loose steering wheel. In case you also meet above horrible symptoms during driving, you are suggested to keep the Axxess sway bar bushing, control arm bushing, coil springs, leaf spring bushing and coil spring insulator in good condition all the time.
Never forget to perform routine maintenance on vulnerable auto parts on your Nissan Axxess if the safe and comfortable ride is what you desire. You are advised to add the Axxess headlight, seat belt, fog light, windshield wiper, wiper blade, antenna, cabin air filter and some electrical parts including window regulator, door lock actuator and door jamb switch on your routine maintenance list.
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